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If it takes you more than 7 seconds to make the perfect pie, then you're doing it wrong and losing money.

Pie Designs' simple success steps to high-profit pie making.

 1. Form it
Form your pastry bases or tart shells in under three-seconds, Plus improve your baked quality.

2. Fill it

Add your pie filling fast and accurately. On demand fluid production. We'll show you how.


3. Seal it

Effortlessly finish off the perfect pie in seconds. Combining a host of previous processes in one single action. 


4. Sell it

Decisions are easy when you can't lose! With unlimited advantages, every pie is a jam-packed profit winner.

Affordability, quality and precision duplication, unparalleled versatility, high production output, less staff, better yield and ingredient control, zero wastage, zero product rejection, compact production footprint and dramatic health and safety protocol simplification (HCCP)
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